the one that started it all…

After having passed by this eerie abandoned house for many years, I paid a visit to the location one afternoon in March of 2008 with camera in hand and shot several photos, not realizing that such outings would become a habit for me, and that five years later, I would launch a page devoted to abandoned structures in Virginia…a page that would immediately go viral (see below)…

The Tyler House on the former Duckbill Farm in Madison Heights, Virginia

Built circa 1826, and sold to the Tyler family in the mid-1880’s.   Descendants of the Tylers owned the house and its surrounding 250 acres for generations, until at least the 1960s.   (info from the Amherst New Era Progress).

Abandoned in Virginia on Facebook was launched on March 3, 2014, and the page took off like wildfire.  Two days later, WNBC in Richmond posted this story:

Since its launch, thousands have posted their own photos to the page, which now has over 126,000 Likes.   Here on this blog and as time permits, I will feature some of my best personal photos posted on the Facebook page, and perhaps some of the best photos contributed by others.

Below are more photos of the house that “started it all”…the Tyler House:

The Tyler House on the former Duckbill Farm in Madison Heights, Virginia

“Was a beautiful place at one time. Went in it for yrs. Mr Steven Tyler lived there, started in 1825 finish 1828. The English boxwoods came from England. It once was known as Duckbill Plantation, land was Chas Clark 1761, 1804- to Mundy, house built by James Lampkin , several owners last was Mrs Slaughter to Tyler’s . 250’s acres . Named Duckbill because of the creek behind the house. Tyler’s one room school house was where Dollar store is [today], another 2 room school was on the right of the house w/ a slate roof, a slave house back of the main house, even a early kitchen in basement old fireplace and a dumbwaiter.”  – from Facebook user “Tad Pole”


The Tyler House in December, 2011, following the collapse of the double front porch
retaining wall for the Dollar General Store, which now blocks the view of the Tyler House from Rt. 29 Business through Madison Heights

8 thoughts on “the one that started it all…”

  1. I remember going to this old house for 4 H meeting in the early 60 with Beth Tyler and the club was called Elon Homer.


  2. I love this sight, my grandparents home was on cool well, I believe, it was the old stage coach inn it to is falling down such a loss


  3. Where exactly is the Tyler house located on mad heights, I lived there fromm 11/1999 to 6/2012, worked at Madison Heights Walmart. I don’t remember seeing this home


  4. I love this! Finally found out what that old home was all about moving from Lynchburg to a mountain farm up in Amherst. Thank you!


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