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  1. Comment: I have enjoyed your site and fb page. I was wondering if you know of any sites in Gloucester va? We found the camp patrick henry missile site but couldn’t find a way to get in without being did you do it? This is a bucket list of’s my passion..need help..also. we visit luray Va. Every 3 months just for skyline drive. Are there any sites on our way there to luray? I do know of a few abandoned homes on route 288. Any info you can give would be so grateful. Tomorrow is my husband and my 24th anniversary. We are spending it finding abandoned homes. Hopefully we will find an asylum one day. We are visiting Rosewell in Gloucester today. Hoping there are more buildings out that way..thank you.


  2. I love old structures as we can’t replace history. I am an elderly lady who refurbishes, remodels and builds from scratch. My so and I are buying one in southern kentucky. Thinking about turning it into a home for the homeless. Anyone want to make donations would be appreciated. Thank you.


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This site is devoted to the aesthetic appreciation of abandoned and decaying old homes and other buildings and such, and is the official companion web site to the wildly popular Abandoned in Virginia page on Facebook.

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