Abandoned in Virginia – Day One (3/3/14)

Immediately after Abandoned in Virginia was published on Facebook last March, contributions began to pour in.  Here are some highlights of the photos submitted by others to the page on day one, March 3, 2014.    If you recognize the location of any of the unidentified settings, feel free to comment with the city or county…but please do not identify the specific location of abandoned old homes.

As you can see, the page immediately began to flourish with a variety of excellent photographs of a variety of structures around the state.   I remain extremely grateful for these contributions and for the ongoing support of the page.

The first contributed post to the page…the former Rachel’s Inn on 221 in Goode. Known for chitterlings and the coldest beer in Bedford – photo by Steve Hammer
old McCauley Store & Post Office in Goode, Virginia, posted by Melvin Mick Brafford
former Piedmont Mills in Lynchburg, posted by Kai Rainey
near White Falls Mill in Pittsylvania County, by Stacey Yeatts Haskins
Piedmont Mills Historic District in Wirtz, Franklin County, by Megan Truman Dillon
former Post Office in Goode…not necessarily abandoned
old bank in Big Island, photo circa 2006 by Chris Tanner
Old Moneta produce store, used in the “What about Bob?” film, by Lynn Franz
building at former DeJarnette Asylum in Staunton, by Shanna Mueller
a rather unusual contribution posted on day one from Heather Taylor…

about the photo and house above:
This is an abandoned house located in Callaghan, Virginia. My horror photography company, GOREgeous, was granted access to use this home for promotional photos by the caretaker”

old fire tower in Nelson County, by Jenn Rodgers Callahan
Union Level in September 2013, by Brooks Lenhart Photography
old mill wheel in Campbell County, by Nikki Pugh
old McCauley Store in Goode, by Melvin Mick Brafford
Old Eggleston High School…. Eggleston, Giles County…posted by Samantha Anne Robertson, photographer Tim Williams
Nolde Brothers Bakery, Norfolk, by Steven Selinger
in Amelia County, by Kathie Kathie
western opening of the original Crozet Tunnel near Waynesboro, by Jim Pysell

About the photo above:

It’s the Blue Ridge train tunnel built in the 1850’s and closed in 1944. It is 4100 ft. long and currently walled off in the middle. The localities are trying to re-open & restore it to be used as a hiking/biking trail. It’s only a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway.”

A former country store on the Old Blue Ridge Turnpike (Rt. 231) in Uno, Madison County, by D. Travis Brandel
old school (or church?) in the Sunny Bank area of the Northern Neck–taken about 3 years ago – photo circa 2011 by PastorJan Grissett
in Appomattox, now demolished, by Melissa Sue Fulton

About the above house:
This house was built in the early 1900’s, and was demolished to make room for a parking lot the year before last. I believe they called it the Christian Home after the gentleman (Dr. Christian) who lived there from the mid-twenties, until his death in 1955. Since sometime around the early 2000’s, the property has been in the possession of Liberty Baptist Church, and had been sitting in disrepair for some years before the church finally decided to tear it down.
I’m sure their reasons for demolishing this building were sound, but I can’t help but wish they had chosen to preserve such a beautiful piece of the town’s history!

in Woolwine, Va. (Patrick County), on Rt 8 near 58 east – by Christine Davenport
in Rural Retreat, by Sarah Havens
near Soapstone, by Jim Talbott
in downtown Lynchburg, by Hannah Mcpheters
in Buckingham County, by Kathie Kathie
old house off of Rt. 221, by Melvin Mick Brafford
by Stan Burpee, location unidentified
in Meherrin, by Robby Batte

about the above building:
Main Street Meherrin is the county line for Lunenburg and Prince Edward counties. This building on the Prince Edward side of the road more recently was a church, prior to that a pool hall (I believe), but originally was a general store (thanks Linda Gee Nunnally). Photo taken last November.

now-demolished old house on Longwood Avenue in Bedford, by Melvin Mick Brafford
by Carissa Eichler-Crawford, location unidentified
in Pittsylvania County, along Rt. 29, by Jenn Rodgers Callahan
in Buckhingham, by Sherri Moyer Brooks
in Bedford, by Lola Via Meador
Rt 652 in Gladys Va. across from substation, by Jody Denton-Hudson
in Gladys area, by Kristin Nelms
along New River Trail, Alisonia, by Angela Koster Scott
in Matthews County, by Kathie Kathie
Jessee’s Mill, by Ashley Jessee
by Jeff Levy, location unidentified
another photo of old Eggleston High School, by Ashley DavidsGirl Williams
on the banks of the Appomattox Riverside Park in Ettrick, by D. Travis Brandel
along the Rolfe Highway in Smithfield, by Grace Harding
Abandoned AMC Javelin in Amelia County, by Tom Saunders
in Wirtz, by Megan Truman Dillon
in Pittsylvania County, by Michael D. Burnett
unknown location and contributor

25 thoughts on “Abandoned in Virginia – Day One (3/3/14)”

  1. The old white church with the green roof is in Amelia, Va. I also have a lot of abandoned pictures around the county if you would like to use any of those on facebook Victoria Lunsford

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Am interested to know if you are familiar with “Airwell” in or near Amelia? Am descendant in James Stewart Family interested in finding out more about the homeplace of the author of our family history.


  2. The old store pictured with the sign, Uno (pronounced “you know”) is in Madison County along Route 231. The tunnel pictured is the western opening of the original Crozet Tunnel near Waynesboro.

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  3. All these pics of buildings/homes have some measure of potential and reuse. It’s so sad to see them go to waste. The Asylum is a beautiful strstructure.


  4. Love these pictures, thank you for this site! I had taken the one of this house a few years ago. I’m pretty sure this picture was taken after mine, the house looks a lot more run down than when we stopped and looked. The house near White Falls Mill in Pittsylvania County, by Stacey Yeatts Haskins


  5. Would like to know more about the history of the 2-story church which is approximately the 16th photo from the end of the page. We’ve been there dozens of times and have always been curious about why the piano is on the first floor and the pulpit is on the second floor. The inside of the church is as solid as a rock with an unusual pattern in the wood on the walls. Located in the Northern Neck.


      1. Yes, this is it. I think in Northumberland County. Definitely in Northern Neck.


    1. town of Eggleston(very small) in Giles County, Va. @20 miles from VA Tech. This old building was destroyed a few weeks ago.


  6. The picture located above, white two story house. Gutter hanging down, two chimney stacks, top floor has five windows. I took that photo, its location is on crawlfish rd, rural retreat, va.


  7. I saw this site right away, and sent a heads up to many friends. Kipp has done a great job! Many times it will be the only site I view during the day! I was right here when it passed 100K. WOW!


  8. One that says crawford, if your talking about crawford road its in yorktown,va prob down one of the sise roads they got blocked off.


  9. The picture entitled “in Pittsylvania County, along Rt. 460, by Jenn Rodgers Callahan”, is actually located on the south-bound lane side of Rt. 29, not 460, which does not go into Pittsylvania County.


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